Independent Living as a Service    

You would like to remain living independently as long as possible. With some external help and support that is certainly possible.

Quite a few companies and organizations are willing to provide that help and support. But you want to remain in charge. You decide. You want one single facility where you arrange all the services you want in a way that you choose and when you want to.

Health, care, groceries, house cleaning, garden work, meals, all kind of services, including those that you canít yet think of. You want trustworthy services for reasonable prices. And you want to retain your privacy and dignity.

Those companies that deliver their services to you should not have to be bothered by technical details. All the necessary connections, the various communications channels, shared facilities, like billing and security, all those things should be taken care of.

Thatís where we come in. We deliver your independent living as a service. In the background we integrate all the parts and provide the trustworthy framework for all those service providers to provide their services to you. A framework that is flexible, scalable and secure, with global capabilities and local compliance.

We provide the framework for independent living as a service.

Jacob Mulder